10 Piece Vanity LED Bulbs

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  • 10 Led vanity mirror light bulbs are very soft, natural, bright, and do not emit extra heat. 
  • Easy and stress free installation, hidden wires and no hole drilling. No assembly or electrical wiring is required, just stick firmly to a wall, mirror, or mirror frame and you’re good to go
  • Dimmable! Completely adjust the brightness of this bulb at your convenience and however you want. This is possible with the added smart touch dimmer feature
  • Bulbs feature 2 different light modes: warm and cold 
  • HIDDEN EXTRA WIRE AND HIGH QUALITY 3M DOUBLE-SIDED TAPE :wire is retractable, the extra wire can be hidden into the bulb’s base by rotating the lampshade to achieve the best DIY effect and keep your mirror neat and seamlesses with double-sided 3M adhesive paste fixed, difficult to fall off. Transparent tapes will not leave any marks on the mirror when you want to remove the light.
  • length of string- 16.5 ft